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Most people would agree that cleaning isn’t all that exciting.  Going through things and organizing, pruning down collections, deciding what things to donate or throw out—some people find this extremely challenging.  You are not alone.  Getting organized takes time, patience, and drive.  But that is only part of the equation.  Not only do you have to physically organize your life but you have to have the proper place to put everything.  We’ve all heard this: “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  But there is a lot of truth to the saying.

Ladies, wouldn’t it be lovely to see every pair of shoes you own at once and not have to dig through piles of shoes to find the right color or match?  Guys, imagine needing a certain wrench and not having to dig through every tool in your collection.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Closets By Design wants to help you get organized and stay organized by designing and building you the closet or space that you’ve always dreamed of.

Organization is assessing what you have and building the custom space to meet your needs and each person is different, so every closet needs little changes and features that meet the needs of the individual or family.  With a Closets By Design closet or garage you can optimize your time, space, and energy and have more time for things that really matter, like family and hobbies.  Organization is one of the keys to success in any area of life.  Many of us throw things in the closet and plan to deal with them later—if ever.  Make that way of life a thing of the past and get things organized once and for all.



Closet Design Louisville KY – Closets By Design Louisville

Closets By Design


We’ve all got the favorite movie or t.v. “closet”.  You know, the one where we think, “when I’m rich…that’s the closet I want!”  Closets By Design wants to help you make that dream a reality by offering exceptional customer service, customized closets and garages, no-obligation estimates, and guaranteed installation.  The main mission statement of Closets By Design is that they want to help you “simplify your life.”  Whether we think of our clothes, shoes, accessories, tools and craft items as collections or not….they are.  The key to any successful collection, any collector will tell you, is organization.  Face it, you spend a fortune on clothes and shoes and anything else you store and it only makes sense that storing and organizing your things so that you can see them and easily access them.

When you are busy and have a lot of “things,” it is critical to be able to see your inventory, know what you have, what you need, and where it is.  Closets tend to be the places where we keep things and forget about them—thus, skeletons in our closet.  With Closets By Design the only thing you have to worry about finding in your closet is the lovely little black dress you own, your favorite tie, or your comfy pair of house slippers.  Either way, with a customized closet or garage you will be able to neatly and safely store your investments and be able to reach and see everything you have.  This will save you time, energy, and money because you probably won’t have to replace some things.  Yes, we have all double-bought something before…and it’s frustrating!

Don’t just clean up by throwing things into a dark, messy closet where they can get damaged and forgotten about, if you are ready to make a wonderful investment in a customized closet or garage you should give Closets By Design a call.  Again, simplicity is the goal.  You bought it.  Care for it.  Use it.  Save time and money with your customized closet or garage, as Closets By Design offers millionaire closets at reasonable, affordable prices, claiming to have the “best value in the industry.”

Hopefully the only “skeleton” you have in your closet will be last season’s blazer.




Downsizing Closet Clutter and Getting Organized

before-afterWhether you are moving into a smaller home or just trying to get control of your closet, downsizing can be liberating and fun! That is, of course, after the initial trauma of facing THE CLUTTER.

Most people view closets with dread, intending to “someday” get it all organized and neat. Imagine never again saying:

  • I know I have a black evening wrap…where is it?
  • Why are those hiking boots where my heels are supposed to be?
  • Where are my new skinny jeans?

And the really big complaint—I don’t have anything to wear!

What Really Is In Your Closet?

Closets can sometimes become a catch-all for anything that doesn’t have a place. A visit to your bedroom closet should be a nice experience, it’s where you begin and end your day. An organized, useful closet can even help set your mood for the day. A well coordinated outfit that you pulled together easily can be a reaffirming way to start your day. Conversely, you can begin your day rushing out the door frustrated because you can’t find what you were looking for as you were getting dressed.

The 80/20 rule even applies to closets, in that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, yet the “non-wears” take up 80% of our space, crushing, wrinkling and hiding the 20%.

You owe it to yourself to get your closet under control to maximize your wardrobe and your space. By filling your closet with clothes, shoes and accessories that you really do use and feel good wearing you are setting yourself up for a successful day.

Purging the 80%

The goal of downsizing is to end up with clothes and accessories that you like to wear, comfortably fitted into your space. Some of the reasons that we hold on to things have absolutely nothing to do with our actually wearing them.

  • I got it on sale
  • It was really expensive
  • It was a gift
  • I may need it someday
  • I’m emotionally attached to it

None of these are good reasons for keeping something that you’re not going to wear. Instead, use these criteria for purging your wardrobe (be ruthless!):

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I ever wear it?
  • Does it go with anything I have?
  • Does it project the image I want to project?
  • Is it comfortable to wear or is it a bad fit, itchy or scratchy?
  • Do the shoes pinch my toes? Are the heels too high to walk in?
  • Is it seasonal, should I pack it away?


If you haven’t worn something in a year, you probably won’t miss it. An incremental way to test if you will miss items is to move them to a box and if you think of it and retrieve it, keep it. If you don’t think of the items in the box for six months, get rid of it.

Don’t keep things intending to fit into them “someday.” By the time you do, they will be out of style or dingy with age. And if you never do fit into them, it’s depressing to have them just hanging there.

Don’t keep clothes and other items because of emotional attachment. Take a picture to keep the memory if it’s really important, or do a kitschy craft like a tee shirt quilt.

Donating your things to a favorite charity or thrift store can ease the feeling of “throwing out good stuff” or seemingly being wasteful. Your misfits can go on to lead a happy life in someone else’s closet. As you sort, set aside a “donations box” and use it liberally.

Anything that needs mending, dry cleaning or altering should be set aside. Get it wearable before returning it to the closet, or toss it into the donations box.

If you’re really struggling with separation anxiety, get a friend to help you sort through and give honest feedback on what works and what doesn’t in your wardrobe. (Then you can return the favor for her.)

Maintaining Control

Closet space has been called “prime real estate.” That’s why you want everything in your closet to be a valuable contributor to your wardrobe; it should both flatter and fit to earn its space. After downsizing, you will want to organize your closet for maximum convenience for everyday use.

  • Keep your most often worn items to the front of racks, shelves and drawers.
  • Group business or work clothes together for easy access and coordination.
  • Evening or special event outfits can move to the back, in protective garment bags.
  • Use belt or tie hangers for belts, scarves or ties.
  • Use jewelry organizers to pull accessory sets together.
  • Shoes should be viewable and accessible, on racks or in shoe bags.
  • Keep your closet “seasonal.” Rotate out summer and winter items. For example, pack scarves, gloves and heavy coats in space bags with fabric softener sheets to keep them clean and fresh. Off season they can move to the garage or under-bed storage.

Keeping your clothing budget and closet under control is an ongoing process. To avoid the crammed, can’t-fit-one-more-thing-on-the-rod syndrome, consider the discipline that for every new item you bring in, one goes out. This helps curtail impulse buying since you have to remove a piece to allow for the new one. If you don’t love the new piece more that the old, you won’t buy it.

Maximizing Your Space

Whether you have a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet, you want to most effectively use every inch of space. Intelligent closet design will help create more space by conforming to the needs of your unique wardrobe, making a place for everything and creating a sense of beauty and order in your closet.

A custom-fit closet system designed for efficiency can add resale value to your home in addition to adding more storage in any space such as a garage or pantry. Your local Closets by Design offers free in-home consultation with a designer to help you maximize your results.